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Tips for your visit to the library

1. Your Student Card

Your Aurora College student card is your library card!  Visit your local library to get a barcode added that will allow you to check out library material.  

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3. Textbooks

The library doesn't carry all textbooks for all courses, but we have some! Search the library catalogue at the top of the home page to see if we do, or Ask a Librarian. If we own copies of your textbook, it has likely been placed on "course reserve".  A course reserve designation means an item is limited to a borrowing period as little as 2 hours, and it cannot be renewed or placed on hold. They are held at the library service counters. 

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5. Research Help

Visit, call, or email! Visit any library location during our daytime hours for help from a Librarian, or go to our contact page to find our emails  We will get back to your inquiries as soon as we can.

Don't know where to start? Orient yourself to library searches and the basics of research in Research Help.

Need help with writing or study skills?  Check out our Writing Help research guide, or visit our friends at the Student Success Centre.

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7. Citations

Stumped about citations? We're here to help! Visit Citation Styles for guidance on the different types of styles; your instructor will tell you which style is needed for your assignment. You can also visit any campus library and a librarian can help you find the resources you need to learn how to cite like an expert.

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9. Food & Drink

Food and drink is allowed in the libraries, but please take care to minimize spills, crumbs and garbage. Keep your drinks covered, clean up after yourself and avoid looking at books or magazines with dirty fingers or crumbly food. Help us take care of our material!

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11. Computers

All campus libraries have computers for student use. Some are open to community use and have a username and password on each computer. Student-only computers require your Aurora College username and password. 

Use the computers to do things like write a paper, access the internet, conduct research, and print.  TIP: Don't forget to save your work on a USB drive, or email yourself your document(s) before you end your session. Once you log out of the computer, you cannot access any files you left on the desktop or hard drive--they are wiped clean after each session. 

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2. Hours

Our hours vary depending on what campus you're at, check out our times here or at the bottom of the home page. Watch out, our hours change during the summer months and on holidays!

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4. Borrow

You can borrow most items in the library! 

The loan period is the amount of time you're able to borrow an item. The length of time depends on the type of item and whether or not it's a course reserve.

If we don't have the book or article you're looking for, we can try to find it at another academic institution and have it brought to your Aurora College campus for you as an interlibrary loan.

To borrow, visit any library service desk with your Aurora College Student card and the items you want to take with you. Staff will sign the items out to your account.

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6. Research Guides

Research Guides are curated by your Librarians who are an expert in the resources you need in your subject area. They are a list of resources likely to be useful for students doing research in your subject area. Subject Guides contain recommended databases, websites, books and periodicals, as well as information on citation styles and other research resources. They're a great place to start your research!

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8. Book study rooms
Study rooms are available at all our library locations for Aurora College students. You can reserve a room in person, or just show up. If you have to do group work, they are a great place to work on a project or study together. If you're after some peace and quiet, all of our libraries have quiet study areas as well. 

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10. Print, copy, scan

Campus libraries are home to multi-functional devices that can scan, photocopy, email, and print.  Scanning, printing and photocopying is free of charge for staff and students.

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12. Fines

If you return items late, you will not be fined. If you lose or damage a book, you will be charged. Take care to return items in a good condition. 

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